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J&J Design was founded in 1983 by Japec and Jernej Jakopin. In the many years that followed J&J Design became a global leading design company offering turnkey innovative customer-oriented services for the marine segment but also for other segments such as construction | automotive | energy and more.

J&J Slovenia website please visit: jnj.design


  • Concept and Design Brief
  • Design and Styling
  • Naval Architecture
  • Preliminary Costing
  • Capex, Business Case

Engineering of the Yacht

  • Composites
  • Deck Gear
  • Systems
    • Engine – Drives and Propulsion
    • Woodwork
    • Electric and Electronics
    • Hydraulic and Water Systems
    • Tank Systems
    • HVAC
    • Communication and Entertainment
  • Interior + Mock-ups
  • Safety
  • 3D Modelling
  • Purchasing Support

Engineering of Production

  • GRP
  • Pre-Assembly, Modules
  • Assembly, Flow stations
  • Value Stream
  • Tools and Jigs Engineering

Project management

  • Consultancy and technical support
  • Onsite supervision and training
  • Commissioning | testing and trials
  • More
As the global Marine Industry is expending J&J Design decided to expand the services locally in Turkey as Turkey is within the top 3 leading countries for Yachting Industry.

J&J Design offers comprehensive engineering services by means of local engineers that are trained inhouse by J&J Design in Slovenia. Onsite supervision is carried out by J&J Design.