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As J&J Design we are proud and honoured that we achieved many goals in the last four decades, as presented on this website, however we are obligated to our existing and upcoming new customers to remain innovative in our ideas, designs and technologies.

Green energy is important in the nowadays Marine, Automotive and Industrial sector so as J&J Design we are focused to expand our services and technologies within this field.

As J&J Design we also have to remain innovative and offer our clients new and tailor-made solutions related to new products, new techniques and more cost-effective ways for production.
The Future
J&J Design received a new order in 2021 for the development of a brand-new Yacht concept in the range from 44 up to 70 feet. The scope of work included the concept design, comprehensive engineering and design studies, product engineering and project management.

Main focus of current work of J&J Design is the development of green boating, while increasing comfort and convenience. Several new technologies are being developed, like pure electric propulsion, and foil designs reduce drag and increase the range at higher speeds.

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