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A product designed and engineered for production leads to efficient manufacturing and profit margin. Proper integration and optimization of all aspects of engineering is crucial. We are in the best position to apply world’s best practices of technologies and build methods – applied to the client’s best tradition and skills. The products are easy to build – and of unbeatable value.


The best GRP technology – or the best set of technologies – is chosen to arrive to a light, strong and competitive product. Epoxy, vinyl ester and polyester resins with glass, carbon or Kevlar® reinforcements are applied in a range of technologies from prepregs, SPRINT, RTM, resin infusion or hand lay-up as needed.


Our extensive experience throughout the industry leads to better and cost-effective ways to design and engineer these areas. Connected to expertise and tradition of our clients we design innovative solutions which work and are easy to build.


Optimized propulsion system is designed and engineered – from outboard to I/O, inboard straight shaft or V drive and pod systems like IPS or Zeus. J&J has a close relationship with major manufacturers of engines and propulsion gear, including 3D libraries and contacts to appropriate development engineers.
Detailed drawings of woodwork are produced including files for direct application on the wood processing machinery of the client or of the chosen supplier – in the appropriate software. The ownership of these files enables the client to have full freedom in the choice (or transfer) of best supplier.
J&J typically produces detailed wiring diagrams and electrical system drawings enabling the client to execute the out-of-the-boat preparation of the system and efficient assembly. This area is developing fast so latest solutions are used to optimize the product. A permanent supply of AC 220 or 110 V is a necessity – and we have excellent solutions to provide this feature.
Design and engineering of this system offers energy-efficient powered functions throughout the boat.
This area became very important with climatic changes and the general use of air conditioning systems in the life of the modern world. J&J has pioneered the standard use of energy-efficient and reliable household A/C systems on boats, connected to the Lithium battery pack which enables noise- and vibration-less nights in a conditioned environment.
A smooth liaison of your home comforts and the boat calls for a sophisticated, reliable and price-efficient entertainment system which easily integrates all sources of information. Permanent and good-speed internet has the same priority. J&J engineers production-friendly and cost-effective systems which provides the comfort of your home on your boat.


Our expertise lies in understanding small spaces and volumes available on any boat. However, only a mock-up allows to fully understand the validity of design solutions and the best ways how to improve them. We systematically provide and study with our client inexpensive full-scale mock-ups which result in optimized convenient, comfortable and easy-to-build interior solutions lasting the life of the product.


Fast and efficient 3D modeling is necessary to understand and present the volumes and geometries of the yacht. The 3D models range from fast verification of volumes to full definition of milling geometries, solid 3D engineered models and renders needed for marketing or understanding of aesthetic issues. Our capacity and experience in producing these drawings fast and cost-efficiently is adding value to the work for our clients.


Ergonomics and safety on the boat is our prime concern protecting the boater in all conditions while providing comfort and convenience.


Our extensive and in-depth knowledge of efficient purchasing ways and most value-adding components enables our clients to optimize the Billof Materials and build in reliable equipment and materials which add value to the boat. Our support work of the client’s purchasing department leads to increased margin and sales.