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J&J Design is the worlds leading production pleasure yacht design and engineering office.
Our office also carries extensive experience in composite commercial craft (under 100 feet) like pilot-, patrol- and crew-delivery vessels.

J&J Design has worked with many shipyards throughout its four decades of history, delivering over

118 Boat of the Year, Design or Environmental Awards




Boat Builders






By entering the innovative world of J&J Design we offer our clients the latest technologies and tailor-made designs and solutions. Explore our world starting here.


By entering the innovative world of J&J Design we offer our clients the latest technologies and tailor-made designs and solutions. Explore our world starting here.


This is arguably the most important phase: the definition of a new product or a new range. Innovation based on company’s tradition and strengths while concealing the weaknesses leads to better boating experience, to increased value of the product and increased market share.


The quality and level of design, equally on exterior as inside, is an increasingly important element of the purchase decision. Our in-house designers offer excellent styling work – or, if needed to achieve the desired design flavour, in cooperation with the yard’s styling department or a chosen exterior designer.

Our experience in work with a wide range of world’s best creative design talent assures smooth integration of in-house or exterior design work in the development process.


Our unique 33-year 300-project experience in production power- and sailing yachts connected to extensive tank and field testing, to computer simulations and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) work results in hulls which have less drag, better seaworthiness and handling – while offering more performance, comfort and range.


A new product selling well in a market can earn money for the yard only if production cost is accurately predicted – and kept under control. Preliminary Bills of Materials, of build and assembly manhours are made jointly with the client – and monitored throughout the development and pre-series cycle.


Before any new developments are started an in-depth analysis of the business case and CAPEX involved is needed. Based on unequalled experience in the industry we offer a good insight into the money spent – and expected returns.


A product designed and engineered for production leads to efficient manufacturing and profit margin. Proper integration and optimization of all aspects of engineering is crucial. We are in the best position to apply world’s best practices of technologies and build methods – applied to the client’s best tradition and skills. The products are easy to build – and of unbeatable value.


The best GRP technology – or the best set of technologies – is chosen to arrive to a light, strong and competitive product. Epoxy, vinyl ester and polyester resins with glass, carbon or Kevlar® reinforcements are applied in a range of technologies from prepregs, SPRINT, RTM, resin infusion or hand lay-up as needed.


Our extensive experience throughout the industry leads to better and cost-effective ways to design and engineer these areas. Connected to expertise and tradition of our clients we design innovative solutions which work and are easy to build.


Optimized propulsion system is designed and engineered – from outboard to I/O, inboard straight shaft or V drive and pod systems like IPS or Zeus. J&J has a close relationship with major manufacturers of engines and propulsion gear, including 3D libraries and contacts to appropriate development engineers.
Detailed drawings of woodwork are produced including files for direct application on the wood processing machinery of the client or of the chosen supplier – in the appropriate software. The ownership of these files enables the client to have full freedom in the choice (or transfer) of best supplier.
J&J typically produces detailed wiring diagrams and electrical system drawings enabling the client to execute the out-of-the-boat preparation of the system and efficient assembly. This area is developing fast so latest solutions are used to optimize the product. A permanent supply of AC 220 or 110 V is a necessity – and we have excellent solutions to provide this feature.
Design and engineering of this system offers energy-efficient powered functions throughout the boat.
This area became very important with climatic changes and the general use of air conditioning systems in the life of the modern world. J&J has pioneered the standard use of energy-efficient and reliable household A/C systems on boats, connected to the Lithium battery pack which enables noise- and vibration-less nights in a conditioned environment.
A smooth liaison of your home comforts and the boat calls for a sophisticated, reliable and price-efficient entertainment system which easily integrates all sources of information. Permanent and good-speed internet has the same priority. J&J engineers production-friendly and cost-effective systems which provides the comfort of your home on your boat.


Our expertise lies in understanding small spaces and volumes available on any boat. However, only a mock-up allows to fully understand the validity of design solutions and the best ways how to improve them. We systematically provide and study with our client inexpensive full-scale mock-ups which result in optimized convenient, comfortable and easy-to-build interior solutions lasting the life of the product.


Fast and efficient 3D modeling is necessary to understand and present the volumes and geometries of the yacht. The 3D models range from fast verification of volumes to full definition of milling geometries, solid 3D engineered models and renders needed for marketing or understanding of aesthetic issues. Our capacity and experience in producing these drawings fast and cost-efficiently is adding value to the work for our clients.


Ergonomics and safety on the boat is our prime concern protecting the boater in all conditions while providing comfort and convenience.


Our extensive and in-depth knowledge of efficient purchasing ways and most value-adding components enables our clients to optimize the Billof Materials and build in reliable equipment and materials which add value to the boat. Our support work of the client’s purchasing department leads to increased margin and sales.


A product designed and engineered for efficient production can only shine in adapted production environment. That is why we help our clients to develop purpose/organized production layout and stream which shortens production time and gives yachts of superior quality and reliability.


Only a well-managed project can keep the time and investment promises. Our vast experience allows our clients to meet the targets even in unpredictable development process of new products involving new technologies or build processes.

Consultancy and Technical Support

During the entire building process J&J Design will assist the clients with technical support and consultancy services. This service is offered either online or by visiting the clients.

Onsite supervision and training

Experienced inhouse trained engineers will frequently visit the yard to check upon the ongoing works and quality in accordance with the J&J scope of work. Onsite assistance and support offered to ensure a smooth building process and avoid unnecessary failures. Reports are presented to the client containing our findings and recommendations.

Manuals and Tutorials

As build manuals can be provided by J&J Design as well as tailor made Owner’s manuals.

Commissioning and testing

J&J Design will be present during the official commissioning and testing of the project. A comprehensive technical sea trail report with our findings and conclusions is presented to the client upon completion of the trials.


YearProjectModelSail/ PowerYardCountryLOA/mOther
2021341Salona 420 MK2SAD BoatsCroatiaTBA
2021340Saxdor 400 GTCPSaxdor YachtsFinlandTBA
2021339Saxdor 400 GTOPSaxdor YachtsFinlandTBA
2021338Green CATPTBD10.75Preliminary Design
2020337Max 72STBD22Preliminary Design
2020336Fast ExplorerPTBD22Preliminary Design
2020335Saxdor 320 GTCPSaxdor YachtsFinland10
2020334Salona 460SAD BoatsCroatia14
2020333Sunbeam 32.1SSunbeam YachtsAustria10
202033250m ExplorerPRossinaviItaly50Rossinavi Design Challenge Winner
2020331Saxdor 320PSaxdor YachtsFinland10
2020330Saxdor 200PSaxdor YachtsFinland6
2020329XO 260PXO boatsFinland8.5With XO design team
2020328Aquila 32 Mk2PSino Eagle YachtsChina9.8New hull design, new T-top design
2020327Fairline 33 OBPFairlineUK10with Alberto Mancini
2019326Maldives Cruise ShipPTBDMaldives24Preliminary Design
2019325XO 300 FlybridgePXO BoatsFinland10.5
2019324XO 300 CabinPXO BoatsFinland10.5
2019323XO 300 OpenPXO BoatsFinland10.5
2019322Bavaria 35 OpenPBavariaGermany11Preliminary Design
2019321Fairline 58PFairlineUK20with Alberto Mancini
 2019320ElektraPTBD9Preliminary Design, electric planing tender/limo
2019319GX full electricPTBD22Preliminary Design
2019318Greenline 10mPSVPSlovenia10Preliminary Design
2019317Flybridge MY 90ftPTBD24Preliminary Design
2018316Greenline 48 CoupèPSVPSlovenia15.85
2018315Greenline 45PSVPSlovenia15.57
2018314Aquila 70PSino EagleChina21.5Preliminary Design
2018313Hatteras 5XPHatterasUSA20Preliminary Design
2018312Shipman 78SSVPSlovenia23.9Preliminary Design
2018311Ocean Class 58PSVPSlovenia17.5Preliminary Design
2018310Ocean Class 110PSVPSlovenia34
2018309Greenline NEOPSVPSlovenia10
2018308Aquila 54PSino EagleChina16
2018307Scow 50STBD15Concept Boat
2017306Predator 50PSunseekerUK16.5
2017305Sunbeam 25SSchoechlAustria7.5
2017304Aquila 30PSino EagleChina10
2017303Fairline 33PFairlineUK10with Alberto Mancini
2017302Fairline 43PFairlineUK12.80
2017301Outboard 42′PTBD12.50Preliminary Design
2017300Outboard 32′PTBD9.9Preliminary Design
2017299Fjord 42 CoupèPHanse YachtsGermany12.59with Patrick Benfield
2017298Bavaria 43PBavariaGermanyTBDPreliminary Design
2016297GreenCat Concept BoatPTBD10Preliminary design
2016296RIB 21PTBD6,2Preliminary design
2016295OB Concept 35PTBD11Preliminary design
2016294Greenline 44PSVP YachtsSlovenia14.40
2016293Aquila 60+PSino EagleChina20.0
2016292Bavaria R55 FlyPBavariaGermany16,4
2016291Ocean Class 65PSVP YachtsSlovenia20
2016290Sunbeam 46.1SSchoechlAustria14
2016289Sunbeam 22SSchoechlAustria6,75
2016288Greenline 36PS.V.P. YachtsSlovenia12
2016287Bavaria R40 FlyPBavariaGermany12,65With Design Unlimited
2016286Bavaria R40 CoupePBavariaGermany12,65With Design Unlimited
2016285Prestige 560PBeneteauFrance18,22With Garroni and Jeanneau
2016284Aquila 36 ShuttlePSino EagleChina11Based on Project 278
2016283Aquila 68PSino EagleChinaTBAPreliminary design
2015282Fjord 42 OpenPHanse YachtsGermany12,59With Patrick Benfield
2015281Racer 83′SSaphire YachtsSlovenia24New deck design
2015280ClubSwan 50SNautorFinland15With Juan Kouyoumdjian
2015279Ferretti 450PFerrettiItaly14,20With Studio Zuccon
2015278Aquila XY TaxiPSino EagleChina11
2015277Fairline 53 GTPFairlineUK16,40
2014276Salona 44 NVSSalonaCroatia13
2014275Leader 46PJeanneauFrance14With Garroni
2014274TimelessPSeawaySlovenia20Preliminary Design
2014273Prestige Yachts 630PPrestigeFrance19With Garroni and Jeanneau
2014271Super PontoonPSino EagleChina10
2014270Ocean Alexander 70POcean AlexanderTaiwan R.O.C.21,5
2014269Sea Ray 40 DAPBrunswickUSA12With BBG PD&E
2014268Sea Ray XYPBrunswickUSATBAWith BBG PD&E
2014267Sea Ray 40 FPBrunswickUSA12With BBG PD&E
2014266Atlantis 43PAzimutItaly13With Neo Design and Azimut
2013265Sunbeam 40SSchoechlAustria12
2013264Water TaxiPTBASudan12,5Preliminary Design
2013263E Rowing Coach CatPTBATBA6Preliminary Design
2013262East Marine 19′PEast MarineRussia6Preliminary Design
201326133 Power CatPTBASlovenia12Preliminary Design
2013260FCS 1605PDamenTurkey16
2013259Prestige 680PPrestigeFrance19With Garroni and Jeanneau
2013258Fairline 48 SquadronPFairlineUK14With Fairline
2013257Fairline 48 GTPFairlineUK14With Fairline
2013256Green BoatPSeawaySlovenia12Based on Greenline 40
2013255Ocean Class 57PSeawaySlovenia17Preliminary Design
2012254Greenline TaxiPSeawaySlovenia10Based on Greenline 33
2012253Salona 35SSalonaCroatia10,4
2012252Atlantis 34PAtlantisItaly10With Neo Design and Azimut
2012251Air Ethic 500PBombardFrance5
2012250Sunbeam 28.1SSunbeamAustria8,5
2012249Venture 500PSea RayUSA15Preliminary Design
2012248Fairline 48 TargaPFairlineUK14With Fairline
2012247Shipman 59SShipmanSlovenia18,4With D. Peterson and G. Verdier.
2012246Prestige 550 FPPrestigeFrance18With Garroni and Jeanneau
2012245Grand Soleil 46SC. del PardoItaly14
2012244Aquila 44PSino EagleChina14
2011243Salona 38SSalonaCroatia11,5
2011242SUP CatPTBATBA4,3Preliminary Design
2011241Greenline 48PSeawaySlovenia14,60
2011240Aquila 65PSino EagleChina20Preliminary Design
2011239Aquila 48PSino EagleChina14
2011238Venture 370PSea RayUSA11
2011237Prestige 500 FPPrestigeFrance15With Garroni and Jeanneau
2011236Prestige 750PPrestigeFrance22With Garroni and Jeanneau
2010235Prestige 550 SPPrestigeFrance18With Garroni and Jeanneau
2010234Greenline 40PSeawaySlovenia12
2010233BTC 80′STBATBA24Preliminary Design
2010232Le Boat 1500PBeneteauFrance15
2009231Sailing yachtSBeneteauFrance14,7Preliminary Design
2009230Prestige 500 SPJeanneauFrance15With Garroni and Jeanneau
2009229Motorsailor 15mSBeneteauFrance15Preliminary Design, with D.Peterson
2009228Prestige 35PJeanneauFrance11,5With Garroni and Jeanneau
2009227First 23/Jeanneau 23SBeneteau/JeanneauFrance6,5Preliminary Design
2009226Ariane 35STDFFrance11Preliminary Design, with G. Verdier
2008225Monte Carlo Yachts 76PMCYItaly23With Nuvolari/Lenard
2008224Greenline 33PSeawaySlovenia10
2008223Shipman 130SSeawaySlovenia37,5Preliminary Design
2008222Shipman 150SSeawaySlovenia45Preliminary Design
2008221Bavaria 43PBavariaGermany12,8
2008220B 56′PBeneteauFrance17,8Preliminary Design
2007219Nimbus MaxPNimbusSweden9Preliminary Design
2007218Salona 34SAD BoatsCroatia10
2007217Ocean Class 70PSeawaySlovenia22,5With Rhoades/Young
2007216Shipman 100SSeawaySlovenia30,5Preliminary Design
2007215Bavaria 43 cruiserPBavariaGermany13,1
2007214Bavaria 40 cruiserSBavariaGermany12,2
2007213Bavaria 38 cruiserSBavariaGermany12
2007212Bavaria 33 cruiserSBavariaGermany10
2007211Bavaria 31 cruiserSBavariaGermany9,45
2007210Issa 50STroha DILCroatia14,98
2007209Atlas 50PSeawaySlovenia14,99Workboat based on Skagen 50
2007208Marex 37PMarexNorway11,3With E. Thorup and Marex
2007207Askeladden 8m WAPAskeladdenNorway8
2007206Windy 44PWindy boatsNorway13,4With Windy
2007205Bavaria 37 Fly/CoupePBavariaGermany11,3Preliminary Design
2007204Bavaria 33 Fly/CoupePBavariaGermany10Preliminary Design
2007203Bavaria 37 HTPBavariaGermany11,3
2007202Bavaria 37 SportPBavariaGermany11,3
2007201Bavaria 33 HTPBavariaGermany10
2007200Bavaria 33 SportPBavariaGermany10
2006199Made in Slovenia 100′ OpenSSeawaySlovenia30,46With D. Peterson and G. Verdier
2006198Open 40′PSeawaySlovenia11Preliminary Design
2006197Shipman 80SSeawaySlovenia24
2006196Askeladden 9 HTPAskeladdenNorway9Preliminary Design
2006195Salona 53SAD BoatsCroatia16Preliminary Design
2006194Commuter 9 mPAskeladdenNorway9Preliminary Design
2006193Bavaria Vision 50SBavariaGermany15
2006192Power Cat 44 FBPKKcompanySlovakia12
2006191Bavaria Vision 44SBavariaGermany13
2006190Bavaria 30 sportPBavariaGermany9
2006189Shipman 72SSeawaySlovenia22
2006188Salona 42SAD BoatsCroatia12,6
2006187Bavaria 28PBavariaGermany8
2006186Commuter 1105PAskeladdenNorway11
2006185Bavaria Vision 40PBavariaGermany12
2005184Bavaria 42 HTPBavariaGermany13
2005183Bavaria 42 SPBavariaGermany13
2005182Bavaria 40 CSBavariaGermany12
2005181Platinum 27PHellwig BooteGermany8,15Preliminary Design
2005180Platinum 23PHellwig BooteGermany7Preliminary Design
2005179Platinum 21PHellwig BooteGermany6,45Preliminary Design
2005178Platinum 19PHellwig BooteGermany5,85Preliminary Design
2005177Bavaria 38 HTPBavariaGermany11,8
2005176Bavaria 38 SportPBavariaGermany11,8
2005175Bavaria 27 SportPBavariaGermany8,25
2005174Bavaria 37 CruiserSBavariaGermany11,25
2005173Bavaria 33 CruiserSBavariaGermany10,25
2005172Bavaria 30 CruiserSBavariaGermany9,25
2005171Z 8PAskeladdenNorway8,35
2005170Skagen 65PSeawaySlovenia18,5Preliminary Design
2005169Salona 37SAD BoatsCroatia11,3
2004168Bavaria 39 CruiserSBavariaGermany12
2004167Bavaria 50 PrestigeSBavariaGermany15Preliminary Design
2004166Vitland 11PVitlandRussia11
2004165Bavaria 29 SportPBavariaGermany8,8
2004164NW 320PNord WestSweden9,7Preliminary Design
2004163Zeelander 44PHYCNL/TR/USA13,5With Cor D. Rover
2004162BMB 35 HTPBavariaGermany11
2004161BMB 35 DCPBavariaGermany11
2004160Bavaria 50 CruiserSBavariaGermany15
2004159Faeton 29PTurmarineSpain9
2004158Faeton 26PTurmarineSpain7,5
2004157Bavaria 46 CruiserSBavariaGermany14
2003156Bavaria 42 CruiserSBavariaGermany13
2003155Shipman 63SSeawaySlovenia19
2003154BMB 32 DCPBavariaGermany9,8
2003153BMB 37 HTPBavariaGermany11,8
2003152BMB 25PBavariaGermany7,8
2003151Bavaria Match 35SBavariaGermany10,35with D. Peterson
2003150Commuter 805PAskeladdenNorway8,05
2002149BMB 37 DCPBavariaGermany11,8
2002148Skagen 50PSeawaySlovenia15
2002147BMB 25 DCPBavariaGermany7,8
2002146Bavaria Match 42SBavariaGermany12,3with D. Peterson
2002145Salona 40SAD PlasticCroatia12
2002144Bavaria Match 38SBavariaGermany11,36with D. Peterson
2002143Bavaria 41SBavariaGermany12,5
2002142Bavaria 49SBavariaGermany15,4
2002141BMB 29DCPBavariaGermany8,8
2002140Arcoa 38PArcoaFrance11,85
2002139Prinz 33PPrinzNetherlands10,35
2002138BMB 32PBavariaGermany12,3
2002137BMB 34PBavariaGermany10,5
2001136ACM 50PACMFrance15Preliminary Design
2001135ACM 35PACMFrance10,5Preliminary Design
2001134Salona 45SADPlasticCroatia13,65
2001133PY 50SPoncin YachtsFrance15
2001132PY 44SPoncin YachtsFrance13,25
2001131PY 38SPoncin YachtsFrance11,5
2001130Bavaria 38SBavariaGermany11,85
2001129Open 80SSeawaySlovenia24Preliminary Design
2001128PY 33SPoncin YachtsFrance10,35
2001127BMB 29PBavariaGermany8,8
2001126Bavaria 36SBavariaGermany11,4
2001125Open 70SSeawaySlovenia22,4Preliminary Design
2001124Shipman 50SShipmanDenmark15
2001123Gib Sea 47SDufourFrance14,2
2001122GibSea 41SDufourFrance12,3
2001121Prinz 36PPrinzNetherlands10,95
2001120Prinz 40PPrinzNetherlands12
2000119BMB 380PBavariaGermany11,85
2000118Bavaria 32SBavariaGermany10
2000117BMB 300PBavariaGermany9
2000116Vektor 36SSAS-VektorCroatia11
2000115Grand Soleil 56SC.del PardoItaly16,75With D.Peterson/P.Briand
2000114Bavaria 44 OceanSBavariaGermany12,85
2000113BMB 330PBavariaGermany10
1999112Bavaria 40 OceanSBavariaGermany11,85
1999111BMB 270PBavariaGermany8
1999110ACM PowercatPACM DufourFrance13
1999109Sunbird 191POMCUSA5,6
1999108Sunbird 190POMCUSA5,6
1999107Sunbird 221POMCUSA6,5
1999106Sunbird 220POMCUSA6,5
1999105Bavaria 44SBavariaGermany12,85
1999104Bavaria 40SBavariaGermany11,85
1999103Gib Sea 52SDufourFrance15,75
1999102Gib Sea 43SDufourFrance13,25
1999101Gib Sea 37SDufourFrance11,25
1998100Bavaria 37SBavariaGermany10,1
199899Bavaria 47 OceanSBavariaGermany13,2
199898Bavaria 47SBavariaGermany13,2
199897Bavaria 31SBavariaGermany9,5
199896Bavaria 42SBavariaGermany12,85
199895Bavaria 34SBavariaGermany10,5
199894Gib Sea 33SDufourFrance9,95
199893ACM ExcellencePACM DufourFrance11,75
199892ACM DynastyPACM DufourFrance13
199891Bavaria 51 OceanSBavariaGermany15
199790Bavaria 50SBavariaGermany14,6
199789Sunbeam 37SSchoechlAustria11
199788Grand Soleil 57SC. del PardoItaly16,8Preliminary Design
199787Grand Soleil 43SC. del PardoItaly12,75
199786ACM HeritagePACM DufourFrance7,85
199785Bavaria Ocean 42SBavariaGermany12,85
199784Bavaria 36 SpeedSBavariaGermany11
199783ACM ElitePACM DufourFrance9,15
199782Etap 10.80PEtapBelgium10,75With W.H.Wilke
199781Bavaria Ocean 38SBavariaGermany11,5
199780Dufour Classic 30 DISDufourFrance9,2
199679Bavaria 36SBavariaGermany11,1
199678Dufour Classic 32 DISDufourFrance9,6
199677Etap 39SEtapBelgium11,7
199676Grand Soleil 46.3SC. del PardoItaly14
199675Dufour Classic 35SDufourFrance10,5
199674Bavaria 35 ESBavariaGermany10,65
199673Bavaria 38 ESBavariaGermany11,75
199672Bavaria 38 HSBavariaGermany11,75
199671Dufour Classic 30SDufourFrance9,2
199670Bavaria 29SBavariaGermany9
199669Bavaria 32 HSBavariaGermany9,7
199668Dufour Classic 45SDufourFrance13,65
199567Grand Soleil 37SC.del PardoItaly12,4
199566Frauscher 31SFrauscherAustria9,3
199565Dufour Classic 32SDufourFrance9,6
199564Bavaria 46SBavariaGermany14,3
199563Bavaria 41 HSBavariaGermany12,5
199562Bavaria 41SBavariaGermany12,5
199561Sunbeam 42 MSSSchoechlAustria12,2
199560Bavaria 46 HSBavariaGermany14,3
199459Dufour Classic 41SDufourFrance12,2
199458Dufour Classic 35SDufourFrance10,5
199457Frauscher 8 mSFrauscherAustria8,3
199456Bavaria 33SBavariaGermany10
199455Bavaria 35 HSBavariaGermany10,7
199454Jeanneau 45.1SJeanneauFrance14With Jeanneau
199353Bavaria 37SBavariaGermany11,2
199352Bavaria 34SBavariaGermany10
199351Bavaria 47SBavariaGermany14,25With A.Mohnhaupt
199350Bavaria 39SBavariaGermany12
199249Arena 740PSPSCroatia7,4
199248Bavaria 30+SBavariaGermany9With A.Mohnhaupt
199247Bavaria 44SBavariaGermany13,25
1992468 m One DesignSD+FSlovenia8With D.Peterson
199245IMS 40′SSeawaySlovenia12
199244Grand Soleil 50SC. del PardoItaly15With D.Peterson
199243Sunbeam 39SSchoechlAustria11,8
199142Elan 38SElanSlovenia11,4
199141Elan 34SElanYugoslavia10,1
199040Sunbeam 44SSchoechlAustria13,4
199039Elan 23 PPElanYugoslavia7
199038Leader 750PJeanneauFrance7,6With Studio Garroni
199037Sun Odyssey 63SJeanneauFrance19,2With B.Farr
198936One Design 30SPMSAustria9
198935Olimpic 12SOlimpicYugoslavia12Preliminary Design
198934Elan 431SElanYugoslavia13
198933Belmar 23PBelmarYugoslavia6,5Preliminary Design
198932Atlantic 31SAnassisGreece9
198931Prestige/YY 27PJeanneauFrance8With Studio Garroni
198930Val 30SValantYugoslavia9,3
198929Atlantic 41SAnassisGreece12
198928Linn 40′ (Sea Machine)PWaveformUK12
198927Elan 43 RSElanYugoslavia13Based on Elan 43
198826Atlantic 87SAnassisGreece26,12Deck and interior design
198825Yarding Yacht 42 flyPJeanneauFrance13,4With Garroni
198824Val 36SValantYugoslavia11
198823Prestige 41PJeanneauFrance13With Garroni
198822Adria 700PAdriaYugoslavia7
198821Sun Way 21SJeanneauFrance6,3
198820Sun Dance 36SJeanneauFrance10,8With D.Andrieu
198819Sun Odyssey 51SJeanneauFrance15With B.Farr
198818Elan 33 RSElanYugoslavia10Based on Elan 33
198817Atlantic 46SAnassisGreece14
198816Adria 500 PPAdriaYugoslavia5
198815Adria 500PAdriaYugoslavia5
198814Adria 1000PAdriaYugoslavia10
198713Adria 400PAdriaYugoslavia4
198712SAS 39SSASYugoslavia11,8
198711Trident 53SFilipoussinGreece15,4
198710Helmsman 40SYCNDenmark12Preliminary design
19879Elan 35 PPElanYugoslavia10,65
19878Elan 33SElanYugoslavia10Based on Elan 31
19867IOR 40′SC. di MuggiaItaly15,25Preliminary Design
19856Val 35SVal/YCNYugosl./Denmark10,65
19855Elan 43SElanYugoslavia13
19844Elan 19 ULDBSElanYugoslavia7
19843Elan 19SElanYugoslavia5,8
19832Elan 31RSElanYugoslavia103/4 ton series world champion 1985
19831Elan 31SElanYugoslavia9,4
Aquila range of power catamaransReaders choice awards 2022, USA
Saxdor 320 GTOMotorboat awards UK 2022Best of Boats 2021
Aquila 54Multihull of the Year 2021, France
Fjord 41 XLEuropean Powerboat of the Year 2021
Saxdor 200Best of Boats 2020, European Powerboat of the Year 2021
GX 50Rossinavi Design Challenge 2020, Italy
Fairline F//Line 33Boat of the Year 2020, UK
Targa 43 OpenBest Sportcruiser 2019, UK
Greenline NEOBIGsee Design Award 2019
Sunbeam 46.1European Boat of the Year 2019
S.A.F.E.European Product Design of the Year 2018
Predator 50Best Sportcruiser 2018, Singapore
Best Sportcruiser 2019, UK
Club Swan 50European Yacht of the Year 2018Adriatic Boat of the Year 2018, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia
Bavaria R40 CoupeBoat of the Year 2018, London
Aquila 36Best Multi-Hull Motor Yacht under 15 m, Thailand 2018
Multihull of the Year 2018, France
Ferretti 450Adriatic Boat of the Year 2017, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia
Ferretti 450Best Motor Yacht of the Year 2017, China
Boat of the Year 2020, UK
Greenline 36Boat of the Year 2017, New Zealand
Adriatic Boat of the Year 2017, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia
Boat of the Year 2017, Slovenia
Boat of the Year 2017, Croatia
Grand Soleil 46 LCEuropean Yacht of the Year 2016
Salona 44 NVCruising World Boat of the Year 2015, USA
Leader 46Nautic Design Award 2015, France
Boat of the Year 2016, Slovenia
Atlantis 34Boat of the Year 2014, UK
Boat of the Year 2012, USA
Boat of the Year 2012, Italy
Shipman 59Boat of the Year 2015, Slovenia
Aquila 44AIM Award 2014, USA
AIM Award 2015, USA
Best Multihull Motor Yacht 2018, Singapore
Salona 38Boat of the Year 2012, Croatia
Greenline 48Boat of the Year 2014, Slovenia
Aquila 48Listed as one of 90 best boat designs of all times (USA 2014)
Venture 370Boat of the Year 2012, USA
Miami Innovation Award 2012, USA
Prestige 500 FBest interior design 2011, France
Nautical Design Award 2011 Italy
Best of the Best 2011, China
Boat of the Year 2012, England
European Boat of the Year 2012
Prestige 750‘Best Layout’ 2014, France
‘Most Achieved’ 2014, France
Greenline 40Newport for New Products 2013, USA
Royal Thames Mansura Trophy 2013, UK
Editor’s Choice Award 2012, USA
Best Green Yacht Award AIM 2012, Monaco
Boat of the Year 2011, Slovenia
Prestige 500 SBoat of the Year 2012, UK
Nautical Design Award 2011, Italy
European Boat of the Year 2012
Monte Carlo Yachts 76World Yacht Trophy Award for Best Design 2010, France
World Yacht Trophy Award for Innovation 2010, France
Nautical Design Awards 2010, Italy
European Boat of the Year 2011
Motor Boat of the Year, 2011, UK
Boat of the Year 2010, Italy 2010
Asia Boating Award 2011, China
Greenline 33Boat of the Year 2013, Japan
Royal Thames Mansura Trophy 2013, UK
Best Green Yacht AIM Award 2012, Monaco
Boat of the Year 2011, Slovenia
Special Mention Award for Economic Feasibility 2011, UK
MBY and Miami Best of the Year 2011, USA
Helsinki Motor Boat of the Year 2011, Finland
MBY and MBM Motor Boat of the Year 2011, UK
ValNavtika Boat of the Year 2011, Slovenia
Nautical Design Award 2010, Italy
Most Innovative Project in 2009, Sweden
PBO Green Award 2010, UK
Golden Award for the Innovation in 2009, UK
Swedish Environment Award 2010, Sweden
Hiswa Power Boat of the Year 2010, Netherlands
Croatian Boat of the Year 2010, Croatia
European Power Boat of the Year 2010
Slovenian Environment Award 2009, Slovenia
Boat of the Year 2009, Slovenia
Internautica Boat of the Year 2009, Slovenia
Project of the Year 2009, Slovenia
OceanClass 70Boat of the Year 2011, Slovenia
Marex 37European Boat of the Year 2009
Motor Boat of the Year 2011, UK
Windy 44European Boat of the Year 2009
Bavaria 33 HTEuropean Boat of the Year 2009
Commuter 1105Boat of the Year 2007, Norway
Salona 37Croatian Boat of the Year 2006, Croatia
European Yacht of the year 2007
Boat of the Year 2007, USA
Shipman 63European Boat of the Year 2006
Boat of the Year 2006, Croatia
Boat of the Year 2006, Slovenia
Skagen 50Boat of the Year 2007, UK
Shipman 50European Boat of the Year 2004
Boat of the Year 2004, Slovenia
Bavaria 32Boat of the Year 2002, Germany
Bavaria 40Boat of the Year 2001, Germany
Gib Sea 43Boat of the Year 2000, USA
Bavaria 42Boat of the Year 2000, Germany
Bavaria 34Boat of the Year 2000, Germany
ACM ExcellenceSlovenian Boat of the Year2006
Bavaria 51 OceanBoat of the Year 2000, Germany
Bavaria 50Boat of the Year 1999, Germany
Bavaria Ocean 38Boat of the Year 1998, Germany
Bavaria 36Boat of the Year 1999, Germany
Etap 39Boat of the Year2001-USA
Grand Soleil 46.3Boat of the Year 1998, Germany
Bavaria 35 EBoat of the Year 1998, Germany
Bavaria 29Boat of the Year 1997, Germany
Bavaria 32 HBoat of the Year 1997, Germany
Grand Soleil 37Boat of the Year 1997, Germany
Bavaria 33Boat of the Year 1996, Germany
Sun Way 21Boat of the Year 1988, France